It is Somewhat Complicated

When someone enter into a relationship, we sure hope for a lasting one.We hope to be committed or married rather than having a complicated one. But some relationship, does not always work the way we plan or even want. Feeling may change, for some reason that is not so easy to understand sometimes.

Who wants to have a complicated situation or relationship? Nobody wants to be on a situation that can really drive you crazy sometimes or most of the time.

We can be just friends or we can be lovers, we can be married,single or divorce. But most of the time it is Complicated or not sure where we stand how it is doing at the moment!

Like one moment it is doing well and then the next day, it is not. Lovers put complications into their relationship, instead of trying to work it smoothly. And sometime, it is really just like that! The moment we say it is complicated, we know already something is not right. I don’t know why we all hang on to something we know were better off letting go, it must be because of what we call LOVE, complicated but still hoping!

You should have plans, focus and driven to what you really want in your relationship. It is not all about having fun, it is about wanting for it to work out in way you both want, or else it will get boring. It gets tiring, boring and it does not feel good. And we say because we love a person we just accept as it is, but we should not. We just have to say how we feel and when we feel it. The relationship is not about just the other person, it is also about you, it is about your relationship. Saying how you exactly feel will either make or break but not saying anything will not do any good as well. It is like having a candy but not liking how it taste.

What might be complicated for us, might not be to our partners, so it is best to open up on how you feel about things. We do not want to create our own ghost and be afraid. Never complicate things that are not really complicated.

It can get boring sometimes if we do same thing in our relationship, there should be changes and what they call the next level. However, we are sometimes scared of changes,especially when it comes to what we call “stable” relationship already.

But is it really stable, or do we just sit there and watch things happens, hoping for it to change, not realizing that it is actually killing what we hope would Grow into more meaningful relationship.

Some relationship or maybe most relationship goes through tough times. And some survived and some just have to say good bye.

Started from being stable and then the complications arises. You see all the beautiful things, you are in love and you are happy, so why complicate it?

When we get too comfortable with the relationship, we tend to ignore the room for growth, for reason that we feel it is “Good” already.

However, in my opinion, we should always find ways to improved, enhanced what is already there.
Loving is not expecting the other person to be perfect for you but we should also try to add more spice to what we already have. People change, feeling grows or die. Never missed the chance of keeping the love burning. There should always be something to look forward too, esp. if you been with your partner long time.

Make plans, be it simple, be it grant. Keep it alive. Nobody like looking on a blank wall anyways and asking why, what or where? Although we have different ways of showing our love and caring, we should always need to be sure how he/she feels in the relationship. Never assume.

And our common mistakes is not telling how we really feel because we worry that it would hurt him/her. That she will not understand but if we are in a relationship, we should be open to communications. Might not be easy for other because there are some who tries to avoid those kinds of topics.

It is when we feel that our relationship is changing but not for the better,that we should do something right away, for ignoring it might turn our relationship into a “somewhat Complicated.”


Christmas That Was and New Year Is Here

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Christmas just around the corner and we really feel more love is in the air. Many feels the mix emotions of being happy and feeling lonely deep inside as well. Missing and longing for someone. We have a few wishes on our minds, we have so many things in mind. The air can feel so cold, and you will definitely see some who are alone and some who choose to be alone.

Christmas so special, it is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Kids are so excited to open up their gifts under the Christmas Tree,while other kids have nothing but still see a smile on their faces, because Christmas brings hope to everyone!

The Year is ending and we are all hoping for the best year to come. May we leave all our burden and pain to a year that was. We wish to find love,peace and happiness deep within our heart. Although it is never easily achieved, but the hope will always be there.

Crowded Malls, like there is no worries. Preparation is overwhelming everywhere. Christmas is perfect time bonding with friends and being with the family. Although there will always be someone we will missed, but deep within our hearts, we know how much we cared and we wish we could still show.

Forgiving may not come so easy but why not learn to forgive and forget and embrace the coming year with big smile.

New Year has started, we are hoping for the best, may our wishes come true, may life come easy and may the hardship just vanished away.

We know in our heart we will do better this year, we hope that our dreams will come true. But whatever this New Year brings us, we know we are prepared and ready for the next encounter. So let us all enjoy the first day of this year and make the coming days be wonderful,healthy and fulfilling for everyone!

Thank You Lord For The Year That Was and Continue to Shower Us With Your Blessings This Year!

Happy New Year and God Bless!

Island of Boracay Getaway

Island of Boracay

This is my most awaited and much needed vacation. So i grab the chance and had my 3 days stay relaxing getaway in Boracay Island.

Maybe not everybody heard of Boracay Island, but i am sure most would know where Philippines is. Officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, country in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is also known the Pearl of the Orient. The Philippines is a humid and hot tropical country.

It has nice beaches that is considered by many travelers to be the World’s Top Seaside Spots. And Boracay Island is just a short one hour flight from the bustling metropolis of Manila.  Manila is the Capital of the Philippines.

Although Boracay Island is only 7kms.long, it is blessed with a multitude of picturesque coves, rolling hills and sandy beaches, including the world famous WHITE Beach. The place is wonderful. The combination of sparkling beauty and tourist attractions along this beach dominate the island.

If you are adventurous, a full array of scuba diving activities are available. The Island offers different kind of activities that you can enjoy during your visit, they have the Island Fun Tours, Buggy & ATV, Scuba Diving, Zipline and a lot more. I went for the Island Fun Tour,which was really fun, the view was amazing and i tried the Buggy as well. These activities can end up in an evening swim or you might simply prefer to lose yourself in the majesty of an ocean sunset. There are restaurant that offers really good food, from fresh sea foods to your favorite Pizza. The Island have so much to offer, from Live Band to just having a beer while sitting near the beach.

Most Hotels are near the beach and you can check on line, which one you prefer. It would be advisable to have Hotel reservations for a day, then you can look around if want to stay somewhere else or on other hotels. Hotels are close to each other, only some are located on a quiet beachfront. There is what they call station 1, station 2 and station 3. I think station 2 is where the Party place is.

I enjoyed my 3 days vacation, met some friends and took lots of pics too. Maybe i can go back there someday again, just not sure when. It is also good to try other places but need to work and to work on that,lols.

So if you want to try visiting the Philippines, you might want to try visiting Boracay Island. But in anywhere you go and any place, always be safe and never leave your things unattended, just be safe!

Here are some pics, few to share….

Boracay Island D’Mall

Boracay Beach

Chicken and Pork Chopsuey

Burger and Fries


Yummy Beans

In My Little Room

Having the Best of Both Worlds

We try to find and build a good relationship. We do our best to
make it work right. However, there are times that even we feel
the fulfillment of having someone, we still try to find someone
else and to have the best of both worlds.

We want the best of both worlds in whatever fields that is, But
we should realize we can have a try a taste of it, but really
cant have both as much as we would like, having both means
having only half of each world.

While having a relationship with someone else can fill up what
is empty but that does not mean doing it can complete you.
Having both world does not complete a person, can be satisfied
for awhile but sooner or later you have to choose one, to be
really happy.

Choosing to have both worlds, can ruin any good relationship and
what you work hard for at the start.

Have what makes you really happy and have someone fills
your heart and soul and not just someone satisfy your
body. While it can boost your ego, you will soon realize that all is
left is your ego and your heart feels empty and everything is

So why not just choose just having one, even if you can have
lots,because the bottom line could be not having anyone, REAL!

The best of both worlds is so inviting but would you choose
having both or be happy with what you have right now!!!

Second Chance

It is a wonderful feelings loving someone and feeling worst when
things dont work out right. You die inside and you wish you can
turn back time, only to realize that it is too late for a
second chance.

You ask forgiveness, while he pretend not to hear. You are
hoping for a second chance and that things will still be the
same, but things have change and the feeling is wounded.

You wish you can ease the pain he feels but he chose to just
let you go and not look back, rather than have you and take that
second chance of loving you back again.

You both let the time passes by, hoping you will soon forget, only to
realize in the end that you can never loved anyone else as much
as you have love him.

The saddest thing in life is loving someone who used to love

Why do we choose to let go? No matter how much we cared and love
that person, we rather deal with the pain of being alone rather
than being happy. Why it is so hard to forgive and we choose
not to forget?

True love never gives up, it never judge, but love understand.
Love listen to the heart and mind gives no reason and never ask
why, for only the heart can express what the mind cant!!!

While the love never really gone, it just stood there in the corner of your heart, longing, waiting for second chance….second chance that he will learn to forgive and take the chance of being with you again…..

The most wonderful feeling in life, is being with someone that you can not lived without. The happiest is spending the rest of your life together.

Love while you live, forgive while you can and be with that person you love, rathen than be sorry in the end!!!

Long Distance Love Affair

Long distance relationship has been there for ages. Some work
just fine and some did not. In our modern times, with all the
new ways of communicating, can really love last and blossom
into more meaningful and lasting one.

Are there more chances now? How do you build a stronger
foundation without being physically together. What about the
longing for embrace and having someone closer, can it really
work without the human touch.

With the heart connection, love over the net, phone calls,
email and chat and the visit from time to time. Your heart
filled with gladness when he calls, but then you feel sad once
he hang up and wonder what is next.

Spent every minute of every moment on every visit, making up
for all the lost times and then it is a sad and teary good bye
when it is parting time, reality bites.

Roses and chocolates that filled with love and kisses you
received on some occasions…when roses dies and chocolates
melted, then you long for him to be closer and misses him more
and wonder how long the waiting will be?

You make plans, promises to make it work, but then the longing
is getting stronger. You say you trust each other, but then you sometimes wonder, who he might be with at this very moment. You are with your male friend and you wish you are with him, sharing the things, the laughter and time with him and sad part is, it is not possible at this time…..

Oh well, if you have choosen him and you love him…you are willing to take the risk, than never to try at all!

Not really matter if you are not together right now, because

there will be time when there will be no goodbyes…It is really not how far or how close you are from each other, but it is the love that you feel for each other that matters, the trust, honesty, faithfulness and the never ending hope of making your Long Distance Love Affair last!!!


Finding the Right Love

Should the look stop you from being happy, finding love and being with someone? Some would hide and will not come out from their comfort zone, because of their worries of being rejected. Because of insecurity, they missed all the fun!

She sees him every morning, he is so adorable and very friendly. He smiled at her and she smiled back and then she look away. It is always like that, she never initiated any conversation, after every smile and she is so worried he will laugh because she is BBW. She is pretty but her size is her problem on finding happiness, feeling the spark, she ignores her feelings for him and just feel sorry for herself.

She let time passes by, winter, summer and fall, just glancing at him and hoping things will change but she never did anything to change it. She is just so insecure, she keep telling to herself, they do not match, he is so hot and she is so big, putting it bluntly.

Next day, to her surprise…The guy next door is with this Big Beautiful Woman, about her size and she learned that the guy next door like Big Beautiful Woman and with a sigh, it could have been her. But too late now, she learned her lesson, she knows better next time, size should not be a problem having someone, being inlove, dating someone and finding the connection.

You just have to do, what you got to do, rather than be sorry later.  There is more than just physical appearance.

Finding the Right Love, is somehow taking the risk as well and not getting afraid to try what it can offer you. Just go for it!

Recession on Christmas Time, Share your Blessings!

Christmas is just around the corner but how do you
celebrate christmas during recession, when feeling so
down surrounds you.

Christmas is just once a year but recession is here for
long time now. Lets look on the brighter side of

Is it enough to have foods for Christmas time and then
be worried the whole year through? It is when we are
about to give up, that things start to lighten up.

Looking at our child, while he is asking what is there
for Christmas and wishing for things and hoping Santa
Claus is real. What can you give, if you are empty
pocket and out of job?

Adult would understand what a child would find it hard
to comprehend, “how come others can enjoy what i can
not during Christmas time?” Give your child a tight hug and he will appreciate it for life. There are places you can go to that will not cost much but your child would appreciate.

The saddest feeling a Mother can have, is not being
able to give what her child wants during this holiday
and worst is not being able to provide for the coming
days too. But better opportunity might be on your way,
when you least expect it.

What about feeling empty stomach for others, staying on
the street while feeling so cold. Feeling like nobody
cares anymore. In this busy world,especially during
holidays, there are still people who really cares and
it is not just by words but they are going around to
share what they have, spreading love and giving hope to

Christmas light will surely brighten the night, but it
is also a message that there is hope for tomorrow and
every symbol of Christmas has a better message to

Keep dreaming, even if you are loosing hope. Show your
child the strength that they need, when they are
feeling low. Keep your faith, your child would feel it.

Christmas during recession is not really so much fun,
more worries sometimes, but there is life after
Christmas and there will always be days like that but
we all know, things get better in time and we just have
keep our faith, action and prayers together!

Share your blessing and put a smile on a child face and lightens the heart!

Feel Merry and Enjoy Christmas and have wonderful
Holidays even during Recession!

Happy Holiday Everyone!

Christmas, Love is in the Air!

Christmas just around the corner and we feel more love is in the air.

Some feels the mix emotions of being happy and the emptiness inside, missing and longing for someone.

We have some wishes on our minds, we have so many things in mind.

The air feels so cold, and you will see some who are alone and some who choose to be alone.

But it is always nice to celebrate the holiday with someone, not necessarily with family, if they are far from you butChristmas is for sharing, it should put a smile on your face and peace on your heart.

Although not everybody is really enjoying it, for some reason that is beyond their control, but in their hearts, they try to feel the happiness and some touch other lives without even knowing it.

It is sure better to give than to received for it is in giving that we can feel some peace and real happiness inside.

It does not have to be material things that you can make someone happy, it could also be just being there for them, remembering them, when they think they have been forgotten.

Visiting someone that you havent seen for long time, can touch the heart.

Forgiving someone that has hurt you and letting go of the pain, can make greater happiness inside you.

Although it should not be just during holidays, that we should feel like giving, forgiving and caring. We can do this all year round.

It is not how much money we have, but it is what we give without taking that will give us real happiness. Feel the love and magic of Christmas.

Life may not be always easy, but with the love that is in the air, it makes everything easier, especially if it is shared with someone.

Giant Mermaid

Giant Mermaid

A ‘Mermaid’ sculpture created by Oliver Voss is seen in the late evening hours on Alster lake in Hamburg August 3, 2011.

A man in a canoe paddles around a sculpture of a mermaid at the ‘Alster’ lake in Hamburg August 3, 2011. The four-meter-high sculpture made by Oliver Voss will be in place until August 12. REUTERS/Morris Mac Matzen (GERMANY)

Giant Mermaid

Giant Mermaid

Giant Mermaid

Giant Mermaid

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

Mermaid' sculpture created by Oliver Voss

The four-metre-high sculpture dubbed “Riesen-Nixe” (grand mermaid) or “Badenixe” (bathing beauty) will be on display until August 12. REUTERS/Morris Mac Matzen (GERMANY )

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