Long Distance Love Affair

Long distance relationship has been there for ages. Some work
just fine and some did not. In our modern times, with all the
new ways of communicating, can really love last and blossom
into more meaningful and lasting one.

Are there more chances now? How do you build a stronger
foundation without being physically together. What about the
longing for embrace and having someone closer, can it really
work without the human touch.

With the heart connection, love over the net, phone calls,
email and chat and the visit from time to time. Your heart
filled with gladness when he calls, but then you feel sad once
he hang up and wonder what is next.

Spent every minute of every moment on every visit, making up
for all the lost times and then it is a sad and teary good bye
when it is parting time, reality bites.

Roses and chocolates that filled with love and kisses you
received on some occasions…when roses dies and chocolates
melted, then you long for him to be closer and misses him more
and wonder how long the waiting will be?

You make plans, promises to make it work, but then the longing
is getting stronger. You say you trust each other, but then you sometimes wonder, who he might be with at this very moment. You are with your male friend and you wish you are with him, sharing the things, the laughter and time with him and sad part is, it is not possible at this time…..

Oh well, if you have choosen him and you love him…you are willing to take the risk, than never to try at all!

Not really matter if you are not together right now, because

there will be time when there will be no goodbyes…It is really not how far or how close you are from each other, but it is the love that you feel for each other that matters, the trust, honesty, faithfulness and the never ending hope of making your Long Distance Love Affair last!!!



Finding the Right Love

Should the look stop you from being happy, finding love and being with someone? Some would hide and will not come out from their comfort zone, because of their worries of being rejected. Because of insecurity, they missed all the fun!

She sees him every morning, he is so adorable and very friendly. He smiled at her and she smiled back and then she look away. It is always like that, she never initiated any conversation, after every smile and she is so worried he will laugh because she is BBW. She is pretty but her size is her problem on finding happiness, feeling the spark, she ignores her feelings for him and just feel sorry for herself.

She let time passes by, winter, summer and fall, just glancing at him and hoping things will change but she never did anything to change it. She is just so insecure, she keep telling to herself, they do not match, he is so hot and she is so big, putting it bluntly.

Next day, to her surprise…The guy next door is with this Big Beautiful Woman, about her size and she learned that the guy next door like Big Beautiful Woman and with a sigh, it could have been her. But too late now, she learned her lesson, she knows better next time, size should not be a problem having someone, being inlove, dating someone and finding the connection.

You just have to do, what you got to do, rather than be sorry later.  There is more than just physical outlook.

Finding the Right Love, is somehow taking the risk as well and not getting afraid to try what it can offer you. Just go for it!

Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

We try to find and build a good relationship. We do our best to
make it work right. However, there are times that even we feel
the fulfillment of having someone, we still try to find someone
else and to have the best of both worlds.

We want the best of both worlds in whatever fields that is, But
we should realize we can have a try a taste of it, but really
cant have both as much as we would like, having both means
having only half of each world.

While having a relationship with someone else can fill up what
is empty but that does not mean doing it can complete you.
Having both world does not complete a person, can be satisfied
for awhile but sooner or later you have to choose one, to be
really happy.

Choosing to have both worlds, can ruin any good relationship and
what you work hard for at the start.

Have what makes you really happy and have someone fills
your heart and soul and not just someone satisfy your
body. While it can boost your ego, you will soon realize that all is
left is your ego and your heart feels empty and everything is

So why not just choose just having one, even if you can have
lots,because the bottom line could be not having anyone, REAL!

The best of both worlds is so inviting but would you choose
having both or be happy with what you have right now!!!

Loving Someone and Wanting Another

Letting Go of an Old Flame

Waiting For You

You are finally happy after quite a long time, or you believed you are happy, after all you have gone through. You found the person who really show and provide you with so much love, the attention that you desire.

He fills your life with happiness or maybe you believed he did? But then again an old flames all of a sudden appeared, from nowhere, you do not understand what your reaction is going to be. However, you really feel a little ache within, like some thing is there and never really gone, after very long time of waiting, and following lifetime of hoping he would come back, just to realize that you waited such a long time that you’ve forgotten how it is to truly be happy. Did you ever let go?

You’ve decided to love once again and let your current affair in to your life and you also chose to be happy. But this time sadness fills your heart, you saw your old flame standing in front of you. Those tears falls like rain and also the never ending question why he came back far too late and why he left with out saying good bye before.

But how about those waiting for long years and the never ending question which were never answered. Those sleepless night, those sad occasions and all those time spent alone, wishing you were with each other. Flashback came running through your brain, the many good times spend with your old flame, those light emotions and also the laughter you felt, until he left with no words whatsoever.

So unfair what he did, it hurt so bad, you felt as if you died many times within, you felt so vulnerable and not sure how you made it possible to deal with it.

However, you should understand he is a thing of the past and it will never ever be the same. The pain you are feeling at this time belongs to the past and you’ve got today and the future in front of you.

Never ever waste time looking back again or else you will feel alone forever. If you ever look hard, you will realize he is and will never be the same man you used to love but just an old relationship that no longer the same.

You have this wonderful man that adores you so much, who stood by you whenever you needed someone. Do not risk the chance of losing him over an old flame. Nothing wrong with looking back, remembering an old flame or how it was, but not everything is good to rekindle.

Let the old flame stays and burn with the past and be happy with what and who you have right now. Sometimes we find it hard to let go, because we choose to hold on to some thing or someone that we can no longer have.

We need to realize that some good thing never really last and some words are better left unsaid. Never waste your time trying to figure out what could have been, when we could find a better one than what we used to have.

Never compare an old flame on the one you have right now. For it is better to have the real one rather than still keep hold of that old dreams which you once had.

Let go and be Happy!

Rekindle the Fire


It is always wonderful to have somebody but after sometime of being with our partner, we very often overlook that there’s more than just having someone.

We quite often shed the enchantment within the relationship, the love and the fire which use to be there, probably simply because we get too at ease with the relationship, we get way too occupied or we’re feeling that it will not inspire him/her any longer, that is “in which we’re wrong more often than not.” We always have to put in a little spice within our relationship, dating and having time for each other. A surprise date, not only to win over your second half but to discover that enjoyment once again.

Take into consideration what she/he enjoys which you have not accomplished for very long time, simply because got so occupied and you will be surprised, just how much it could mean and what you have already for each other.

Speaking about that old great moments with each other will be wonderful, never ever feel they’re uninteresting, you can always look back again and just have a good laugh at it, nevertheless great to remember alongside one another.

Never ever allow romantic relationship get cold and do not let your lover feel undesirable. What you could not say in words, you could convey it by means of actions. Embrace and kisses can warm a cold body and soul.

Staying sweet and considerate with our companion wants is essential. Do things that you use to do for her/him, things that used to make her smile and things that used to lead him to feel great.

Regardless of how long we have been in the romantic relationship, things must not change or get cold, rather keep it going discover more ways in order to build-up the emotions and passion for each other.

For a lasting romantic relationship, we need to continually find time of getting together with the person we adore. You only need to revive the fire and have the spark once again.

Rekindle The Fire

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