Island of Boracay Getaway

Island of Boracay

This is my most awaited and much needed vacation. So i grab the chance and had my 3 days stay relaxing getaway in Boracay Island.

Maybe not everybody heard of Boracay Island, but i am sure most would know where Philippines is. Officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, country in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is also known the Pearl of the Orient. The Philippines is a humid and hot tropical country.

It has nice beaches that is considered by many travelers to be the World’s Top Seaside Spots. And Boracay Island is just a short one hour flight from the bustling metropolis of Manila.  Manila is the Capital of the Philippines.

Although Boracay Island is only 7kms.long, it is blessed with a multitude of picturesque coves, rolling hills and sandy beaches, including the world famous WHITE Beach. The place is wonderful. The combination of sparkling beauty and tourist attractions along this beach dominate the island.

If you are adventurous, a full array of scuba diving activities are available. The Island offers different kind of activities that you can enjoy during your visit, they have the Island Fun Tours, Buggy & ATV, Scuba Diving, Zipline and a lot more. I went for the Island Fun Tour,which was really fun, the view was amazing and i tried the Buggy as well. These activities can end up in an evening swim or you might simply prefer to lose yourself in the majesty of an ocean sunset. There are restaurant that offers really good food, from fresh sea foods to your favorite Pizza. The Island have so much to offer, from Live Band to just having a beer while sitting near the beach.

Most Hotels are near the beach and you can check on line, which one you prefer. It would be advisable to have Hotel reservations for a day, then you can look around if want to stay somewhere else or on other hotels. Hotels are close to each other, only some are located on a quiet beachfront. There is what they call station 1, station 2 and station 3. I think station 2 is where the Party place is.

I enjoyed my 3 days vacation, met some friends and took lots of pics too. Maybe i can go back there someday again, just not sure when. It is also good to try other places but need to work and to work on that,lols.

So if you want to try visiting the Philippines, you might want to try visiting Boracay Island. But in anywhere you go and any place, always be safe and never leave your things unattended, just be safe!

Here are some pics, few to share….

Boracay Island D’Mall

Boracay Beach

Chicken and Pork Chopsuey

Burger and Fries


Yummy Beans

In My Little Room


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