It is Somewhat Complicated

When someone enter into a relationship, we sure hope for a lasting one.We hope to be committed or married rather than having a complicated one. But some relationship, does not always work the way we plan or even want. Feeling may change, for some reason that is not so easy to understand sometimes.

Who wants to have a complicated situation or relationship? Nobody wants to be on a situation that can really drive you crazy sometimes or most of the time.

We can be just friends or we can be lovers, we can be married,single or divorce. But most of the time it is Complicated or not sure where we stand how it is doing at the moment!

Like one moment it is doing well and then the next day, it is not. Lovers put complications into their relationship, instead of trying to work it smoothly. And sometime, it is really just like that! The moment we say it is complicated, we know already something is not right. I don’t know why we all hang on to something we know were better off letting go, it must be because of what we call LOVE, complicated but still hoping!

You should have plans, focus and driven to what you really want in your relationship. It is not all about having fun, it is about wanting for it to work out in way you both want, or else it will get boring. It gets tiring, boring and it does not feel good. And we say because we love a person we just accept as it is, but we should not. We just have to say how we feel and when we feel it. The relationship is not about just the other person, it is also about you, it is about your relationship. Saying how you exactly feel will either make or break but not saying anything will not do any good as well. It is like having a candy but not liking how it taste.

What might be complicated for us, might not be to our partners, so it is best to open up on how you feel about things. We do not want to create our own ghost and be afraid. Never complicate things that are not really complicated.

It can get boring sometimes if we do same thing in our relationship, there should be changes and what they call the next level. However, we are sometimes scared of changes,especially when it comes to what we call “stable” relationship already.

But is it really stable, or do we just sit there and watch things happens, hoping for it to change, not realizing that it is actually killing what we hope would Grow into more meaningful relationship.

Some relationship or maybe most relationship goes through tough times. And some survived and some just have to say good bye.

Started from being stable and then the complications arises. You see all the beautiful things, you are in love and you are happy, so why complicate it?

When we get too comfortable with the relationship, we tend to ignore the room for growth, for reason that we feel it is “Good” already.

However, in my opinion, we should always find ways to improved, enhanced what is already there.
Loving is not expecting the other person to be perfect for you but we should also try to add more spice to what we already have. People change, feeling grows or die. Never missed the chance of keeping the love burning. There should always be something to look forward too, esp. if you been with your partner long time.

Make plans, be it simple, be it grant. Keep it alive. Nobody like looking on a blank wall anyways and asking why, what or where? Although we have different ways of showing our love and caring, we should always need to be sure how he/she feels in the relationship. Never assume.

And our common mistakes is not telling how we really feel because we worry that it would hurt him/her. That she will not understand but if we are in a relationship, we should be open to communications. Might not be easy for other because there are some who tries to avoid those kinds of topics.

It is when we feel that our relationship is changing but not for the better,that we should do something right away, for ignoring it might turn our relationship into a “somewhat Complicated.”


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