Letting Go of an Old Flame

Waiting For You

You are finally happy after quite a long time, or you believed you are happy, after all you have gone through. You found the person who really show and provide you with so much love, the attention that you desire.

He fills your life with happiness or maybe you believed he did? But then again an old flames all of a sudden appeared, from nowhere, you do not understand what your reaction is going to be. However, you really feel a little ache within, like some thing is there and never really gone, after very long time of waiting, and following lifetime of hoping he would come back, just to realize that you waited such a long time that you’ve forgotten how it is to truly be happy. Did you ever let go?

You’ve decided to love once again and let your current affair in to your life and you also chose to be happy. But this time sadness fills your heart, you saw your old flame standing in front of you. Those tears falls like rain and also the never ending question why he came back far too late and why he left with out saying good bye before.

But how about those waiting for long years and the never ending question which were never answered. Those sleepless night, those sad occasions and all those time spent alone, wishing you were with each other. Flashback came running through your brain, the many good times spend with your old flame, those light emotions and also the laughter you felt, until he left with no words whatsoever.

So unfair what he did, it hurt so bad, you felt as if you died many times within, you felt so vulnerable and not sure how you made it possible to deal with it.

However, you should understand he is a thing of the past and it will never ever be the same. The pain you are feeling at this time belongs to the past and you’ve got today and the future in front of you.

Never ever waste time looking back again or else you will feel alone forever. If you ever look hard, you will realize he is and will never be the same man you used to love but just an old relationship that no longer the same.

You have this wonderful man that adores you so much, who stood by you whenever you needed someone. Do not risk the chance of losing him over an old flame. Nothing wrong with looking back, remembering an old flame or how it was, but not everything is good to rekindle.

Let the old flame stays and burn with the past and be happy with what and who you have right now. Sometimes we find it hard to let go, because we choose to hold on to some thing or someone that we can no longer have.

We need to realize that some good thing never really last and some words are better left unsaid. Never waste your time trying to figure out what could have been, when we could find a better one than what we used to have.

Never compare an old flame on the one you have right now. For it is better to have the real one rather than still keep hold of that old dreams which you once had.

Let go and be Happy!


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