Welcome To My World!

I have selected the name ladyinrhed because my nickname is rhed and i am a lady, for sure, i just check it few minutes ago.

I want to share my thoughts, my joy, my pain, my hopes and dreams.

I am sure it will not be easy sharing all my thoughts and more, as i have so many but i am positive that it will be fun, as I gather them.

This is not my first time to blog, but it is my first “Here”…and i will try to be more creative and find time, as i get really busy most of the time, making a living….and dealing with the real world and sometimes the battle get really rough, but better to face it and be strong as it comes.

As i lay in bed, it is then all this ideas coming out and i tried to remember them, but they vanished away as i woke up…..

So many things i want to do, but so little time.

Life is more fun when you do the things that you enjoy, rather than going with the flow and then missed the things you should have done. Athough i understand that sometimes, Life itself will not let you, for different reasos there is, but atleast try to make sure, to do atleast what you can.

I Love to write, always have and always will!

I Love to Sing, another best way to deal with emotions and express my self.

I Love nature, The Best

Photography is my passion, i may not be the best, but i take good one for memories.

I Love anything that is colorful, something like rainbow, like my favorite colorful M&Ms. Anything that gives color to life, i find it wonderful. Color it Red or Color it Blue, just purrrrrrfect!

I cant really describe myself in one word but my blogs might be able to help. I try not to find fault on what i see, but to learn what i can and then let the rest go by……….

So please keep reading,while i keep posting and will share more. I will love to hear your thoughts and share your ideas. Nothing to loose but friendship to gain.

Have a great Day Everyone and Welcome to my World!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Blue
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 04:19:02

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Lady_in_rhed.



  2. Mark 김범
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 04:21:24

    Nice post Lady…what is your facebook account?


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